European Travel

Trip #4 - England, Belgium, Holland, Germany, and Ireland - July 1998

This was the Business Trip From Hell. In July, I visited GE Capital's European businesses . . . all of them . . . in a two-week marathon. Get up at 6:00, shower, get dressed, pack, eat breakfast, check out, go to morning meeting, go to lunch, go to afternoon meeting, go to airport, fly to new country, eat dinner, check e-mail, check voice-mail, go to sleep. Repeat. I have some pictures from my weekends in London and Ireland.

A brief synopsis of of trip is as follows. I arrived in Amsterdam on Thursday and met up with Seung and TIP. I flew back to London on Friday and Seung met me in London for the weekend. We went to see Phantom of the Opera and Jerry Seinfeld in Concert and took a day trip to Leeds Castle. We also went to the British Museum and wandered about the city on the On-and-Off bus.

Seung headed back to Amsterdam and I headed to Brussells for meetings on Monday with two businesses. On Tuesday it was back to Amsterdam to see Mod Space, the Wednesday was Munich. Thursday was back to London to see a couple more businesses. On Friday, it was off to Shannon, and then I spent the weekend driving around Ireland. I went to the Dingle Peninsula, the Cliffs of Mohar, and the Burren. Great fun!

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