Fred Underhill's Home Page

Fred Underhill towers over the other members of the group at an even meter, looking imperiously . . . well, no actually not, let's start again. Fred is easily overlooked, standing but a meter tall. For those who have seen Hobbits before he appears to be wiry for a Hobbit, almost proportionally more like a man. As Hobbits go he is . . . how shall we say . . . not particularly attractive. For those who have not seen a Hobbit before, you wonder if Hobbits are a cross between humans and dogs or goats. Despite his lack of physical beauty, Fred does have a peculiar charm about him and is fairly likeable . . . maybe it is just pity? Fred is attired in the latest Armani survival gear, featuring woollen (an ancestor perhaps?) pants and shirt, both in earthen tones. He has a wide leather belt with a dagger in a sheath, and a crossbow on his back, but no other weapons or armor. He has a leather backpack and a long -- well at least for him -- cloak that appears to be reversable. It is white on the outside and black on the inside. Despite the cold, Fred wears no shoes on his hairy feet.

Fred is a thief. He is not a fighter and he does not participate in combat. He has a mischievous bent and although he is a good companion, he tends to be a little greedy. While he does not steal directly from party members, he does not necessarily encumber the party with all of his findings.

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