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Mercury is well named, be it because of her size and boundless energy, her proximity to the center of Ebony -- Titania, her position as first of Titania's children, or her ever changing moods and looks.

Mercury is the eldest child of Titania, born as a result of the union of Titania and Cymneo. She is reknowned for her charisma and charm, and has worked hard to create a public image of selfless service to Ebony and Titania.

Mercury's younger siblings, however, know a different, or perhaps many different, Mercurys. Titania's eldest daughter was not happy to share the limelight with upstart whelps, and went out of her way to make their lives miserable and difficult. Perhaps stranding them, penniless, on some shadow; framing them for an assortment of ills; or better yet, playing them off one another. All the while, seeming the perfect, angelic child to their mother, who generally took Mercury's side.

Over the years, she has come to accept Dalatriene. Although she often disagrees with him about a lot of things, they share a common goal of a strong Ebony, and he has given no indication that his support for her taking the throne will waiver any time in the near future. In addition, she has found that young Donovan shares her views on a great many things, and is not so foolishly optimistic as Dala. His own lack of interest in the Throne is similarly attractive to Mercury. Mercury believes that it is likely that Grobian is her son, and as such she looks out for him. Mercury is much less fond of Asterion, and Vestige. Of the youngest Ebonites, Mercury likes Weyland, but has had almost no contact with Garrett, Tennant, and Sintar.

It is difficult to get two people to agree on a description of Mercury. Her hair color, length, and style all change frequently, as does the style of her clothing. Her clothes are in colors that match her mood or planned effect, more than any discernable inner-desire. She is five feet high in bare feet, but will wear heels that give her up to another 4-6" in height.

Her trump back shows a rainbow pattern eminating from the center. Her symbol, as eldest child, is that of her mother, except with a white, rather than a black Unicorn -- perhaps a showing of her pure, angelic nature. ;)

Trump Front

Coat of Arms

Trump Back

Earth Fire Air Water
Endurance Strength Prowess Perception Art Craft

Chameleon (0 point) - Ability to change eye color hair and complexion. Takes approximately 10-15 minutes per change. To go from long, curly, red hair, green eyes, and fair complexion, to long, straight black hair, brown eyes, and tan complexion, takes 45 minutes to an hour.

First Among Royals (0 points) - Double Effect of Office Bids.

Virgin Shadow (0 points) - 1/2 Cost of Shadows.

Steward (0 points) - 1/2 Cost of Ebony Allies.


Pattern Imprint 7 - Ability to walk the Pattern in Amber, walk through Shadow, and use the Pattern to manipulate reality.

Trump Artistry 3 - Ability to Use and draw Trumps.

Shape Shift 6 - Ability to alter own body.

Eidolon 1 - Ability to walk the Eidolon in Entropy, walk through Shadow, and use the Eidolon to manipulate reality.

Ruby of Redemption 7 - Attunement to the Ruby of Redemption, ability to use Ruby to manipulate reality and use other Powers in Ebony.

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