Miscellaneous Information

OK, so I haven't put much here yet. But if you are truly bored, and the fact that you are wandering around my website constitutes proof of just that, you can look at my columns for Law News the newspaper for the Law School at Washington and Lee University.

Or, take a look at my résumé.

Law News
Volume 28, Number 2 09/19/2000 The start of School
Volume 28, Number 3 10/10/2000 Death of an Analogy
Volume 28, Number 4 11/02/2000 Happy Halloween
Woodpecker Alert
Scales v. Caudill, 43 WLU 47 (2000).
Women's IM Basketball
Volume 28, Number 5 12/08/2000 Rejected Again
Movie Review
Riner Trial
Volume 28, Number 6 02/01/2001 Winter Culture Break
Movie Review
Volume 28, Number 7 03/01/2001 Lost in Lexington
Road Open
Movie Review
Summer Abroad
Casino Night
Volume 28, Number 8 04/03/2001 Ben Stein Spring is Here - Unpublished
1L Softball Road Closed - Unpublished
Save the Last Dance Food Review - Unpublished
Volume 28, Number 9 04/17/2001 Smell the Dandelions
Volume 29
Volume 31, Number 3 11/03/2003 Bar Exam

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