Can Cun, Mexico - 1994

My only "real" trip to Mexico was on the 1994 Summit Club trip. The Summit Club was an incentive trip run by GE Capital for top performers in the Data Center. We were allocated some extra money in order to get to and from the airport, and I decided that I would stay at the JFK hilton the night before the trip so that I could get to the airport without any hassel in the morning, as we had an early flight.

Well, it took me almost two hours to get from the hotel to the gate, and I missed my flight. So I called the Travel Center and they got me on the next flight and arranged for transportation from the airport to the hotel. We stayed at the Ritz Carlton, which was the nicest hotel I had ever stayed in. The place was just gorgeous and each room had a balcony. There were pools and hot tubs overlooking the ocean (Gulf), and everything was just awesome.

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