Mexico - 1992

My second "trip" to Mexico was during an install of some equipment when we moved the Los Angeles Business Center. We took two trips out and it was a bit of a boon-doggle. we hit almost every beach in LA, and on our second trip drove down to San Diego and flew back from there. We drove our rental car into Tijuanna and Paige and Geri did some shopping. I was driving and had some problems with some of the signs. For instance, is an "S" with a circle around it and a line through it "no parking?" I hoped not, because it was the only space I could find. We had all of our stuff locked in teh trunk and I was a little concerned that our rental car would go missing. Fortunately everything worked out OK.

Our flight back to NY was probably the worst of my life. We each had a large bag and brief case, and one other large pacage. We had called the Travel Center and asked that they change our flight to a red-eye from SD to Pittsburgh, to NY. We arrived at the counter 45 minutes before the flight to find out that they had not changed our flights.

Of course, we couldn't check any bags, so I ended up in the last row of the plane, on the aisle, with a case of wine where my feet were supposed to be. The seats in this row did not recline, although fortunately the ones in front of us did. In addition to getting bumped by everyone heading back to the bathroom, it smelled rather foul. Paige spent the entire flight sitting next to me and talking to the guy by the window.

We arrived in Pittsburgh at about 5:00 and had a flight out at 6:00 a.m. or so. Paige went off to find some coffee and returned 10 minutes later with a 32 oz. beer. When I got back to NY I had to go straight to work, which was less fun than one would imagine. :)

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