European Travel

Trip #6 - Ireland - November 1999

I spent about a week in Ireland right before Thanksgiving in 1999. It was nice to drive round the countryside and see lots of cool stuff. I re-visited some of the places I had been to in July 1998, and also spent a little time in Northern Ireland. Essentially, we drove in a big circle around the island. I have posted some pictures of the trip.

Myra and I met at Heathrow and flew to Dublin together. We rented a car in Dublin and drove along the South, stopping at a pub in Cork. We continued on to Shannon, where we stayed at a place I had been before, we got a GE rate, that was about 40% of the normal rate. The next day we drove around the Dingle Peninsula and then up to the Cliffs of Moher. We then drove through the Burren and to Galway Bay. We drove up along the coast and then to inch, and Northern Ireland. We got to the Giant's Causeway late, and it was starting to get dark, which made taking pictures rather difficult. So we stayed overnight at the hotel there, which was quite nice. We went to see The Sixth Sense in a local theater that night and ate dinner at the hotel. In the morning we got up early and I took some pictures as the sun was coming up, then we drove straight down to Dublin.

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