European Travel

Trip #1 - London, England - January 1989

My dad had a voucher for free airfare to London and couldn't use it. So I got to use it. All I had to pay for was hotel and meals. I also had to get a passport and learn English. It was a bit cool in Londaon, but certainly more temperate than in New York in late January. I packed a bit heavy and had some problems finding my hotel, but all-in-all I had a really good trip. All of my pictures are with a Disk camera, so they kinda stink. there is some vague chance that I will post them someday . . . but I doubt it.

Dates Country Activities
1/28-2/5 London, England Stayed at High Kensington (8 nights)
Bus Tour around the City
Saw Changing of the Guards
Went into Westminster Abbey
Went into St. Paul's Cathedral
Tour of Royal Albert Hall
Went to Science Museum
Went to Victoria and Albert Museum
Went to the British Museum
Bought some old maps
Went on the Underground
Took a tour to Windsor Castle
Took a tour to Leeds Castle
Ate at Simpson on the Strand
Saw Les Liaisons Dangereuses

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