European Travel

Trip #5 - Ireland, Germany, Spain - October 6-13, 1998

This was a combination trip. We had planned a meeting for our European Security people in Dublin. I spoke to the IMLP Administrators and they said that they were having a Boot Camp in Madrid, and invited me to give a speech. I had applied for a job in Munich with ERC/Francona. I have some pictures from Spain.

I met up with Seung in Madrid and we walked around downtown and ate lunch at the Hard Rock. I got a shirt, and we ate outdoors. On the second day we took a tour to Toledo. Toledo was really cool. The church there was amazing, and the walls, narrow, cobbled streets, and old buildings were awesome. I especially liked the church.

Unfortunately, we got separated from the group and they left without us. So we had to take a train back to Madrid and eventually found the tour office. However, we never recovered my jacket or Seung's guidebook, which we left on the bus.

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