European Travel

Trip #3 - Scotland, England, Belgium, Holland, Germany, and Austria - May 1998

I had planned a trip to Europe over the summer prior to finding out that I would be traveling to Europe three other times on business. Fortunately, I had a lot of fun and got to meet up with, hang out with, and stay with several friends along the way. I have a bunch of pictures from this trip and a brief summary of what we did.

Dates Country Activities
5/16-5/18 Edinburgh, Scotland Stayed at the Holiday Inn (2 nights)
Met Colin at a Pub
Rented a car and did a tour of castles in the area
Toured Edinburgh Castle
Watched (listened to) choir practicing in St. Giles Cathedral . . . wow!
Took tour of Edinburgh Crystal factory
Took train to Aberdeen
5/18-5/20 Aberdeen, Scotland Stayed at the Holiday Inn (2 nights)
Rented a car and did a tour of castles in the area
Took a train down to Salisbury
5/20-5/21 Salisbury, England Stayed at the Holiday Inn (1 night)
Rented a car and drove to Stonehenge.
Drove down to the coast and through South Hampton
More castles/battlefields
Drove to Dover and then back to Heathrow to drop off the car
Took the train to London
5/21-5/24 London, England Stayed at the Kensington Hilton (3 nights)
Met up with John (who continued for the rest of the trip)
Met JoAnn and her sister.
Went to Covent Gardens
Saw Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens
Saw The Real Inspector Hound and Black Comedy
Took the Eurostar through the chunnel to Brussells
Took the train to Antwerp
5/24-5/25 Antwerp, Belgium Stayed at Wei's Apartment (1 night)
Met up with Wei
Walking tour of Antwerp
Ate belgian waffles with chocolate
Viewed "red light" district
Ate at a really cool restaurant in an old celler
Took the train to Amsterdam
5/25-5/26 Amsterdam, the Netherands Stayed at Seung's Apartment (1 night)
Met up with Seung (who continued for the rest of the trip)
Viewed "red light" district
Viewed hash bars
Took tour of operating windmill
Witnessed the making of wooden shoes
Witnessed the making of cheese
Took the train to Mainz
5/26-5/27 Mainz, Germany Stayed at ** (1 night)
Took Rhine River cruise down to Koblenz
Rented car in Koblenz
Visited Worms and the Worms Cathedral
Went to Frankenstein
Went to Annweiler and saw Burg Trifles
Drove to Mosbach
5/27-5/29 Mosbach, Germany Stayed at Burg Hornberg (2 nights)
Visited Heidelberg
Drove Along the Romantic Road
Visited Rothenberg
5/30-5/31 Munich, Germany Stayed in Munich (1 night)
Took the train to Vienna
Visited Salzburg
5/31-6/1 Vienna, Austria Stayed in Vienna (1 night)

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