Asian Travel

Trip #2 - August 1998

I took a Business trip to Asia to visit our Businesses there and talk to them about Security. My manager and I visited five countries with a stop-over in a sixth. I planned the trip and managed to spend weekends in the three countries I hadn't seen before. What luck!

Dates Country Activities
8/14-8/19 Tokyo, Japan Stayed at the Tokyo Hilton (5 nights)
Went to a driving range
Got mildly lost in Shinjuku Station
Went to a temple and drove around the Palace
Went to Ginza
Looked, in vain, for places selling woodblock prints
8/19-8/20 Hong Kong, China Stayed at Conrad International Hong Kong (1 night)
Met Karen's friend for Dinner
Did some shopping, got lighter for Eddie
8/20-8/23 Bangkok, Thailand Stayed at Bangkok Marriott (3 nights)
Went to Chatuchak Market...bought many things
Went to Narayaphan...government crafts store
Went to Patpong...'nuff said
Toured Wat Phra Kaow - Grand Palace
Went to Floating Market
8/24 Singapore Stop-over on flight to Jakarta
8/24-8/25 Jakarta, Indonesia Stayed at Jakarta Hilton (1 night)
Camera Stolen :(
Went shopping, Karen got a large model boat
8/25 Singapore Stop-over on flight to Melbourne
Bought new camera
8/25-8/27 Melbourne, Australia Stayed at Hilton on the Park (2 nights)
Took tour of Great Ocean Road & 12 Apostles
Saw kangaroos and penguins
8/27-8/30 Sydney, Australia Stayed at the Sydney Hilton (3 nights)
Met up with Evan,
Went to Symphony at Town Hall
Went to Opera at Opera House
Went to top of Spire
Went over the Harbour Bridge
Went to IMax theatre

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