Asian Travel

Trip #1 - August-September 1996

I wanted to see Hong Kong before it reverted to Chinese control so I planned a trip to Hong Kong and other parts of South-East Asia. I knew a number of people in Asia at the time and when I mentioned coming out they invited me to stay with them. Another friend of mine was going home to Singapore to see her parents and I decided to plan my trip to coincide with her being there.

Dates Country Activities
8/17-8/21 Hong Kong Stayed at the Regent (1 night)
Stayed at Mark's apartment (3 nights)
Landed at Kai Tak
Took the Star Ferry
Ate Dim Sum
Went to top of Victoria Peak
Went to Science Museum
Ordered suits
Went to Lantau - Saw big Buddha
Crossed the International Date Line
8/21-8/23 Jakarta, Indonesia Stayed at Paul's Apartment (2 nights)
Hiked at Chibodas
Got a massage...ouch.
Lived through the traffic
Crossed the equator
8/23-8/26 Bali, Indonesia Stayed at Bali Mandira with Paige (3 nights)
Whitewater rafting through the rain forest
Saw the monkey forest - fed monkeys
Saw rice paddies
Shopped for wood carvings in Ubud
Ate satte...Mmmm, meat on a stick
8/26-8/27 Singapore Stayed at Phebe's House (1 night)
Ate at Raffles Hotel
8/27-8/29 Malaysia Stayed in Port Hudson (2 nights)
Swam in the Indian Ocean
Went waterskiing
Went to Malacca
8/29-8/30 Singapore Stayed at Phebe's House (1 night)
Went to Sentosa Island
Met Paige for lunch
8/30-9/2 Hong Kong Stayed at Mark's apartment (2 nights)
Stayed at the Regent (1 night)
Hiked up Dragonback
Shopped at Stanley Market
Barbeque on Lantau
Shopped at Night and Jade Markets

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