Mir is a sleeth. Similar to a large terrestrial panther. He is black with grey stripes. He is not particularly large or strong for a sleeth but his senses are acute and he is agile and has a good memory. He is not the particularly nice cat in most senses. But then he doesn't really care too much what others think of him. As with most sleeth he is arrogant and self-centered. Of course if you were as excellent a Prime as he is you would probably be arrogant and self-centered as well.

Mir is a tracker and a scout. He is good at hiding and following and not being seen. Some of this is simply innate ability and some is accomplished through spells. He is a strong Corpador, Illusador and Locador mage, as well as being strong in Ruloc, Mutoc and Destroc.

Mir is a lousy fighter and avoids fights whenever possible. Occasionally throwing useful or amusing spells from a distance...while invisible. Despite his seeming cruelty to any and all animals (non-primes) he would never attack a Prime. Nor would he use magic against one except in self-defense, as a means of escape.

Where many Primes view the world as made up several classes of beings - Primes, Sentient non-Primes, Monsters and Animals - Mir has condensed the list a bit. There are two kinds of Primes - Excellent Primes like himself, other sleeth and his friend Scaly and lesser Primes which includes most other people - and everything else falls under the broad heading of "animals". Animals serve many useful purposes, including being food, but are only animals. If a few, or a few hundred, die there is no real cause for concern. There will always be more of them. He does not necessarily go out of his way to kill sentient beings, but an insolant one is unlikely to last too long.

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