Jason - Cherub of Healing

So who is this guy, and what is he doing? Maybe the following information will help.

There are 7 major Choirs of angels. Jason belongs to the Cherubim, also known as the Guardians. Additionally, each angel works for a superior. Jason's Superior is Raphael the Angel of Healing. Each angel also works for one of the ArchAngels, of which there are about 15 or 20 major ones. Jason serves Yves the ArchAngel of Destiny.

Some angels, like Jason, are favored by their Superior or ArchAngel and work on Earth. Often, Cherubs are sent to the Corporeal plane to protect people and things. The Angels of Destiny are sent to Earth to help man rise above selfishness and achieve their Destinies while avoiding their Fates.

Once on Earth angels assume a role in society and occupy a vessel that appears to be human, thus allowing them to walk unnoticed in the world. Jason's role is that of an Emergency Medical Technician and ambulance driver in New York City. He works at area hospitals and teaches CPR and First Aid classes. He also takes in people he is to guard, those who are lost, and anyone who needs a little help. His apartment is spacious and well stocked with everything a traveler could need.

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