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The Daily News - New York, NY - June 15, 1998
Daily News: How long have you worked at St. Vincent's, Dr. Matson?
Dr. Matson: Well, I came here right after my residency in April of 1989, so I guess it's been about nine years now.
Daily News: How long have you known Jason?
Dr. Matson: I guess about two or three years...I don't really recall the first time I met him, actually. He just always seems to be there.
Daily News: According to Hospital records he has been working at the hospital for the past 23 years.
Dr. Matson: I don't know about that, he hardly even seems that old.
Daily News: Do you know Jason's last name?
Dr. Matson: Yeah, sure, its...uh, hmmm, I can't think of it off hand. Well, no, I guess I don't.
Daily News: When Linda Hawkins was put into Jason's ambulance she was reported to have 3rd degree burns over 70 percent of her body. And yet this morning she is being released from the hospital with only a few small scratches. Can you explain this?
Dr. Matson: I was working in the ER last night and she was one of a dozen or so people who came in suffering from smoke-inhalation after that fire at 58th and Broadway. Whoever you talked to must have gotten her confused with someone else.

The Daily News - New York, NY - June 17, 1998
Daily News: How long have you been the superintendant in this apartment building Mr. Tyler?
Mr. Tyler: It's been about 12 years now.
Daily News: And how long have you known Jason?
Mr. Tyler: Oh I don't know, I guess five or six years now. He keeps pretty much to himself.
Daily News: Have you been in his apartment?
Mr. Tyler: Well of course, whenever there's need for a repair.
Daily News: When's the last time you were in his apartment?
Mr. Tyler: I guess it was...well, I'm not really sure, come to think of it. I don't really ever recall him ever complaining about anything.
Daily News: Are you aware that he is actually residing in two apartments? He apparently knocked the wall out between the two and removed the second door some 22 years ago.
Mr. Tyler: I guess I never noticed that there is no 7H now that you mention it. He is always on time with the rent, and never seems to be in a bad mood, or complaining about anything. He seems to have lots of friends though, there always seems to be someone coming or going, but they are never loud or disruptive.

The Daily News - New York, NY - June 18, 1998
Daily News: How long have you known Jason, Miss Jenkins?
Ms. Jenkins: A little over a year.
Daily News: How did you meet him?
Ms. Jenkins: I was pretty messed up at the time. I had run away from home and come to New York with my boy-friend. He got me involved in drugs and when he needed cash for his habit he...well, made me work for both of us.... This was a few years ago. One night I did some bad shXt and OD-ed. I should have died. I saw my boy-friend all wreathed in fire, calling to me. Then out of no-where this big, midnight black lion appears, sheathed in a golden light. He attacked the image of my boyfriend and pulled me back from the edge. The next thing I know Jason is carrying me in his arms.
Daily News: Where did he take you?
Ms. Jenkins: Back to his apartment. He got me off drugs, helped me find a job, and always seemed to be there when I needed him. I stayed at his place for about 9 months before I was ready to move out on my own again. Now I am studying law. I got a scholarship to NYU.
Daily News: What happened to your boyfriend?
Ms. Jenkins: I don't know. He hasn't bothered me since the OD.
Daily News: Does Jason take a lot of people in?
Ms. Jenkins: Yeah. People who have lost their houses, runaways, drug addicts, even some exchange students now and again. I've never known him to refuse anyone. There were probably 15 or 20 people who came through the place during the 9 months I was there. Some stayed for just a night, while others, like me, stayed for months.
Daily News: Have you noticed anything weird about Jason?
Ms. Jenkins: Well, he doesn't seem to sleep much. When I first stayed at his place I had problems sleeping. My dreams were filled with horrible images. For weeks he sat by my bed at night watching over me. When he looks you in the eyes it is like he is reading your soul. It is as if he can see the highest achievement you could ever hope to accomplish and the lowest deed you could ever stoop to. And somehow he inspires people to reach for those peaks. He never judges anyone on what they have done, only on what they are willing to do.

The Daily News - New York, NY - June 20, 1998
Daily News: How long have you known Jason?
"Tommy": A couple of years.
Daily News: Do some of his activities seem weird to you?
"Tommy": Jason's just this guy, you know? He lives in Manhattan and drives an Ambulance. He works as an EMT in a local hospital. He's generally the quiet type but always seems to be around with a joke or just some good advice when you need him. I wish there were a lot more people like him, you know?
Daily News: Doesn't it strike you as odd that an EMT is able to afford such a spacious apartment in mid-town?
"Tommy": No man, you know, the guy doesn't drink or smoke or waste a lot of money on stuff that isn't important. He uses it to take care of people. He works all the time helping people. Why can't you just leave the guy be?

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