Tatsuka's Biography

Character Tatsuka
Player John Eisinger
Sex Female
Height 5'0"
Weight 110 lb
Hair Black
Eyes Green
Complexion Tan
Colors None
Clothing Utilitarian
Drink Green Tea
Position None
Father Triton
Birth Rank 1 310
Endurance 1.5 -52
Strength 4.5 -13
Combat Ebony 0
Psyche 1 -80
Warfare Human +25
Pattern Advanced (All) -100
Sorcery Basic (Adv. Sorcery Comp.) -10
Conjuration None 0
Trump None 0
Shapeshift Advanced (All) -80
Shadow Tokuwa (Pers) -1
Items Wedding Ring - Rack Name/Numbered -2
Animals None 0
Allies Casandra (Daughter) +8
- Pattern Imprint -15
Contributions +10?
Stuff 0
Features Japanese
Marks Tattoo of dragon on left ankle
Red/Green "stain" on bottom of right foot

Sibling Interaction:
Tatsuka has not met or even heard of any of her half-brothers and sisters. She is not aware of any true brothers or sisters. She does not know about any of Titania's husbands.

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