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Barondy (Silver Rim Shadow): Home shadow of King Faeillo, Comprised mainly of fertile plains and long, winding rivers, Barondy is reminiscent of the Great Plains, Pampas or Tiaga. There are some mountainous regions, but most of the shadow is flat-lands. [+4 Influence / 100 years]

Chun Kwai (Silver Rim Shadow): a mixture of large continents and small islands. In the south there are jungles and towering mountains. In the north, wide, twisting rivers cut through twisting karst formations and rolling hills. [+2 Influence / 100 years]

Croy (Silver Rim Shadow): an archipelago of many volanic islands of various sizes. The climate of these islands varies from temperate to sub-tropical. [+2 Influence / 100 years]

Londis (Silver Rim Shadow): a vast, temperate continent. The capital, Carnate, is a few days march inland from the main port city, Brallesport. [+2 Influence / 100 years]

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