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The Purple Secret - At some point this Turn, you have learned where Queen Titania keeps the Ruby of Redemption when it's not on her person. The details of how you learned this secret are not, and will not become, important. Likewise, the Ruby will not be there if Mercury goes looking before the end of the pregame. Once the pregame is over, I will tell you exactly where Titania hid this artifact. This secret may be very valuable once the pregame is over, as you will have access to the Ruby in the throne war to come...assuming no one else knows where it is and beats you to it.

The Green Secret - At some point during her travels in the last fifty years, Mercury has discovered the Magic known as Shapeshifting. She has heard Rozel mention Shapeshifters, and seen references to this type of Magic in various Ebony and Y'Nobe arcana, but it has always been assumed to be a metaphor of some kind. Mercury, however, has discovered that this is in fact a magical art otherwise unknown in Ebony and Y'Nobe.

You may now spend Character Points on Shapeshifting Magic. This is a type of Magic like Pattern Imprint, Trump Artistry, etc.. For each 1 CP you spend, you get 1 level of this Magic. If you take this option, I'll give you an idea of how it works similar to my descriptions of other Magics (that is, subjective and vague with room for experimentation).

The Black Secret - Through your travels and study of the nature of reality you've learned that there is a point at which "infinite" Shadow simply stops. This point is marked by a massive, ancient oak tree set on a mighty hill that rises like a marker from a wasteland that is constantly racked by vicious storms. Beyond the great tree of Ylem lies another place, just as Real as Ebony itself.

Everything in this strange reality continually decays and corrodes before a viewer's eyes, yet somehow it remains whole. This applies to the laws of physics, nature, and magic as you have known them. You've stumbled across the Empire of Entropy. Beware. The natives are *not* friendly...

The Yellow Secret - Just as there is a Reality beyond Ebony, so there is a force that is both equal and opposite to the Pattern of Ebony. This force is a multi-dimensional sigil that appears as a warped, twisted reflection of the Pattern. The strange thing about it is that it is constantly decaying yet never destroyed. This is the Eidolon of Entropy and now, thanks to your greater understanding of the nature of reality, you can harness its power once you walk the Eidolon.

The Red Secret - Donovan taught Mercury how to attune herself to Titania's Ruby of Redemption. This works pretty much as described in the Amber novels, although I will not allow anyone who has not learned this Secret (or had the Secret explicitly shared with them by one who has learned) to accomplish this feat.

The White Secret - Donovan took Mercury to the Primal Pattern of which Ebony and Y'nobe are mere reflections.

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