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Mercury Tests Shapeshifting

[SECRET] Shapeshifting.

Mercury will attempt to determine the limits of her current abilities regarding shapeshifting. She will attempt to:

  • Turn into various animal forms. Does she gain their abilities, if not immediately with practice?
  • She attempts to shift to resemble other humans. How well does she need to know the subject in order to impersonate one of them, if at all?
  • She attempts to gain or lose mass, either through will or by absorbing/expelling mass.
  • She attempts to heal wounds.
  • She attempts to modify her body to readjust the position of organs and such.

How long, how difficult, how tiring are these things and how long can she maintain them?

Results -

a.) Mercury discovers that she can turn into animals if she seen a live specimen of that animal before. It takes several moments to completely shift and she does not automatically gains the abilities of the animal, but she can with practice. If she's not careful it is easy to lose herself in the thoughts and feelings of the animal she's become. By concentrating on her thoughts and her human nature she can keep her mind separate from the instincts of her adopted body, letting her use those instincts without being overwhelmed by them.

b.) She can attempt to shift into someone she's seen before (either in person or by picture), but it takes a lot of her concentration to maintain an effective disguise. It's harder for her to maintain changes, but not nearly as hard as it once was when she first practiced shapeshifting. It's easier for her to shift her soft tissue. Cartilage is harder to manipulate, bone is harder, and nerves are the hardest.

c.) Changing mass is beyond her at this point.

d.) Easily done. Her body heals faster than normal, even for an Ebonite. Open wounds close fast, even under the stresses of combat, but it takes longer to repair internal damage, especially damage to bones and nerves. She can't regenerate lost limbs or other body parts faster than normal either.

e.) Moving organs about is beyond her at this point.

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