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Mercury Kills Neptune

Mercury begins planning the assassination of Neptune soon after her he kills her father. However, it is not until the night of the liason that she gets her first break. Armed with a trump sketch of Neptune, Mercury slowly and methodically plans out her scheme, including obtaining a Y’Nobian dagger many years before the killing. Once Neptune’s sons are born, she adds Grobian to the occasion, and on the 140th anniversary of Cymneo’s death, she puts her plan into action.

On the night of the planned attack Mercury arranged for Grobian to be away from his rooms. At 02:30 a.m. on the 140th anniversary of Cymneo’s death Mercury sent her cats out to reconnoiter and then snuck out of her rooms and over to Grobian’s rooms, picked the lock, and relocked the door from the inside. Once inside, she changed her hair to green and her complexion to blue and put on some of Grobian’s clothing.

At approximately 03:00, she used the trump sketch to contact King Neptune. When he answered the call, she stabbed him in the eye with the dagger and twisted it in his skull to kill him. She made neither sound nor explanation to her victim. Mercury held the dagger with a piece of cloth ripped from Grobian’s tunic, and she released the dagger and cloth as the King died. She allowed the contact to break upon Neptune’s death.

When the deed was accomplished, Mercury began changing her hair and complexion back to brown and tan. While this was occurring, she removed Grobian’s clothing and tore off a square (about 2” per side) that had some blood on it. She carefully burned the trump sketch, then wrapped the ashes in the remainder of Grobian’s clothing and burned the lot in the fireplace. When the clothing was burned, she took the 2” square and burned the edges where it was torn and placed it in the fireplace so that it would appear to have not burned completely.

Next, she cleaned the room of any blood, leaving a little for someone making a close inspection. She then washed any blood off of herself, leaving slight traces in the wash bowl. Finally, she trumped back to her own rooms and went to sleep. A few hours later she arose and took a long hot bath and at dawn she went to Cymneo’s tomb and placed flowers there as usual.

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